U.S. House Hearing on Strengthening Federal Support to End Youth Homelessness

Earlier this month, a congressional hearing was held by the U.S. House and Educational Labor Committee on Strengthening Federal Support to End Youth Homelessness. This hearing examined root causes, immediate and long-term impacts, systemic barriers, and solutions to youth and young adult homelessness in America.
Expert witness Mr. David Baker presented a compelling testimony outlining his personal experience with homelessness, saying “when you invest in us, our entire society benefits.” Learn more about Mr. Baker’s story here .
Dr. Matthew Morton, research fellow at Chapin Hall at University of Chicago, revealed stats from Chapin Hall’s first nationally representative study on youth homelessness . One in thirty adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 endure some form of homelessness in any 12-month period. One in ten young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 report some form of homelessness in a year. He explains: “good data can help make the invisible visible. Evidence can help us know where and how to make things better for all our nation’s youth. As long as millions of youth do not live up to their potential as individuals, we don’t live up to our potential as a nation.”
Learn more and watch video highlights here.

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